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Susanna Veldhuis

Susanna Veldhuis is Mediderm's dermal therapist. In 2017 she obtained her Bachelor of Science at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Immediately after this Susanna emigrated back to Aruba and started working in the medical field. Not long afterwards it started itching to start their own skin therapy practice on the island. After starting at home, Mediderm Clinic Veldhuis was founded. Mediderm is the first dermal therapy practice in Aruba! With great pleasure and expertise Susanna carries out the most suitable treatment for you.

our treatments

Microneedling is a treatment in which needles injure the dermis so that growth factors are activated and collagen and elastin are stimulated. Read more about microneedling..

Full Face
Afl 325,00*
Afl 250,00**
Afl 275,00**
Afl 175,00**
Face & Neck & Decollete
Afl 400,00*

* Combination with Chemical Peel = Afl 50,- extra
** Combination with Chemical Peel = Afl 75,- extra

A vampire facial is the same as a microneedling treatment, but Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used. Read more about vampire facial..

Vampire Facial
Afl 375,00

When sebaceous glands become clogged with sebum, bacteria and fatty acids, we speak of acne. Acne occurs in 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24. It is mainly manifested in parts of the body where there are many sebaceous follicles. Such as on the face, chest, and upper back. Read more about acne therapy..

Acne treatment
Afl 150,00
Acne treatment + Chemical Peel
Afl 165,00

Dead skin cells and down hairs are removed with a sterile surgical blade. Read more about dermaplaning..

TreatmentAfl 85,00*

*Also available in combination with other treatments.
Contact us for available options

Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a treatment that tightens loose skin. The tension in the air between the tip of the device and the natural gases of our skin, an ionized plasma charge is formed. Read more about fibroblast skin tightening..

Eyelid Above
Afl 350,00
Eyelid Under
Afl 350,00
Laugh lines
Afl 250,00
Afl 175,00
Afl 350,00
Afl 450,00
Afl 265,00
Nose-jaw line
Afl 265,00
Marionette lines
Afl 175,00
Afl 350,00
Afl 50,00 (*vanaf)
Afl 25,00 (*vanaf)
Afl 25,00 (*vanaf)
On request
On request

Introducing the Observ 520X, a completely new and the latest innovation in skin analysis. Observ skin analysis has become a household name among skin experts, leading brands and training institutes around the world. Skin analysis is inextricably linked to professional skin improvement and is the first step toward ideal skin. Many skin conditions start in the deeper layers of the skin and only become visible over time. The Observe 520X also analyzes the deeper layers of the skin and provides a razor-sharp image of all skin characteristics. Seeing is believing!

The Harmony XL Pro NIR technology immediately tightens the skin with noticable results that latst up to two years! After just 24 hours, clients will also notice an improvement in skin texture as it continues to smooth out and plump up with a radiant glow. Over the next 2 to 3 months, you can enjoy gradual improvements in texture, firmness & eveness. This targeted light energy is applied and it causes fibers to contract and tighten. The tissue is heated but not destroyed, so it kick starts cellulair repair & Collagen production. 

FaceAfl 175,-
NeckAfl 175,-
Afl 175,-
Face & Neck
Afl 225,-
Face & Neck & Decollete
Afl 275,-

This peeling is perfect for pigment spots, fine lines, large pores, skin aging, sun damage, pale/gray skin (smoker's skin), acne (prone) skin. The treatment protocol consists of 4 peeling sessions with an interval of 8-14 days in combination with SkinTech products aimed at addressing the treatment objective and protecting the peeling skin against UV and Heat.

Package of 4 treatments
 Afl 1350,-
1 Peel
 Afl 390,-

Cryolipolysis is used to break down fat cells by freezing them. Other cells, the skin and underlying tissue are not damaged by the cold. Read more about cryolipolysis..

1 application
Afl 175,00
2 applicationAfl 300,00
3 application
Afl 450,00

Laser therapy is widely used for unwanted hair growth. Large surfaces can be treated in a short time. Pigmented hair (black, dark brown and brown) can be treated well with the laser. Read more about laser hair removal..

CheeksAWG 85,00
ChinAWG 55,00
UpperlipAWG 55,00
Upperlip & ChinAWG 85,00
SideburnsAWG 85,00
Upperlip, Chin, Cheeks, NeckAWG 209,00
NeckAWG 85,00
ArmpitsAWG 95,00
Upper armsAWG 135,00
ForearmsAWG 160,00
Upper & ForearmsAWG 235,00
Lower legsAWG 185,00
Upper legsAWG 185,00
Legs CompleteAWG 310,00
Bikini lineAWG 95,00
Bikini CompleteAWG 145,00
Bottom seamAWG 85,00
Nipples all aroundAWG 65,00
BellyAWG 160,00
Belly button lineAWG 75,00

This peeling is perfect for acne scarring, acne prone skin, fine lines, skin aging, sun damage, pale/gray skin, pigment spots. The treatment protocol consists of 2 peeling sessions in combination with dermapen treatment, with an interval of 8-14 days in combination with SkinTech products, aimed at addressing the treatment objective and protecting the peeling skin against UV and Heat.

Package of 2 treatments + products
Afl 1250,-

Laser therapy is widely used for unwanted hair growth. Large surfaces can be treated in a short time. Pigmented hair (black, dark brown and brown) can be treated well with the laser. Read more about laser hair removal..

CollarlineAWG 75,00
NeckAWG 75,00
EyebrowsAWG 35,00
EarsAWG 35,00
CheekbonesAWG 55,00
ArmpitsAWG 75,00
ChestAWG 195,00
Lower backAWG 195,00
Upper backAWG 195,00
BellyAWG 195,00
Belly & ChestAWG 325,00
Back CompleteAWG 325,00
Lower legsAWG 175,00
Upper legsAWG 175,00
Legs completeAWG 300,00
Nipples all aroundAWG 55,00
ForearmsAWG 150,00
Upper armsAWG 125,00
Arms completeAWG 225,00

The Carbon Laser is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment. The face is covered with a layer of carbon and is then treated with the laser. Read more about carbon laser..

AWG 155,00

Regret a tattoo? It can be blurred or removed by means of a laser. The laser beam is aimed at the tattoo, causing the energy from the laser to destroy and disintegrate the ink molecules in the skin. Read more about laser tattoo removal..

0-5 cm²
AWG 75,00
5-10 cm²
AWG 95,00
10-15 cm²
AWG 125,00
15-20 cm²
AWG 150,00
20-25 cm²
AWG 200,00

Hyperpigmentation occurs when there is excessive melanin production in the skin. This manifests itself in dark spots. Laser treatments offer a very significant improvement in lightening or completely removing these dark spots. Read more about hyperpigmentation..

1 flash
AWG 50,00
AWG 75,00
AWG 125,00
Face complete
AWG 160,00
AWG 95,00
Neck & Decollete
AWG 175,00
AWG 85,00

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our Testimonials

Highly recommended!!
I had two different treatments during these last two weeks which are the chemical peeling and the targeted needling for stretch marks and I'm absolutely loving the results!!😍
Susana is also very attentive during the days after your treatment 🙌🏻

Shawnette Kanyalal Nandwani

I actually won a fat freeze with Mediderm Skincare Clinic, and after that I paid for my own appointment and have 3 other appointments pending with her these upcoming months.

Firstly because she is educated in this area (has her bachelor’s degree). 
Her service is amazing, she makes you feel like home and treats you like a friend.

MY RESULTS ( i did my inner thighs for fat freeze) 
Since my first session I lost 4cm on my right thigh and 3.5 cm on my left thigh. 
Looking forward on seeing what results my second and third one brings

I will be doing a facial with her also and will definetely leave another review on that!

Marylaine Feliciana

That they does a good job take care of uour skin they tell what will happen if you dont take vare of you skin qnd how to do that its very inportant to do that....your skin is your beauty out what lie in side no one no"s butthe out side evry one can see....so make sue you take care of you skin by take care with....MEDIDERM SKIN CLINIC VELDHUIS😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Dianne Artindell




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